Hayes and Uxbridge Pool League 2019-20


Playing record for Luke Partington (Ballot Box)
Week Venue Frame Opposition Opponent Result B/C
3 Away 2 The Battle Sarah Newton Won  
3 Away 10 The Battle Glenn Turner Lost  
4 Home 5 Super Fluffy Bunnies Charlie Bull Won  
4 Home 11 Super Fluffy Bunnies Graham Fox Lost  
5 Away 5 Gardeners Arms B Sam Smith Lost  
5 Away 7 Gardeners Arms B Aaron Mullarkey Lost  
6 Home 3 Don't Balls It Up Celeste Bockel Lost  
6 Home 9 Don't Balls It Up Michelle Fraser Won  
7 Away 2 Team Vine Ben O'Leary Won  
7 Away 10 Team Vine Alex Campbell Won  

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